TBT... "Night rider" frogskins

Back in 2008, when Oakley decided to reissue "Frogskins" I was approached to be the first shop in line to do an "exclusive colorway", "exclusive COLORWAY" thats lame... I wanted to do something a little more than change the color and call it my own. In Maryland by law you have to ride with eye protection, and rather than using the old saftey glasses I was used to I came up with the idea to made amber lensed Frogskins for better night time riding. the lenses are ballistic, to stop rocks from hitting our eyeballs and the frames have a black to clear fade that has a nostalgic feel. the bag art reflects the concept. "Night Rider" frogskins were born. limited to 100 pairs in store and online world wide, they sold out VERY FAST. in fact I only have a sample pair of my own. anybody have some they wanna give me?  "I'am the night rider, fuel injected suicide machine" , "ask the toe cutter he knows who I'am..."